Who are we?

This site is the product of a joint effort.

We are journalists, coaches, architects, designers, recruiters, developers, translators, lawyers... We are men and women... We are managers, employees, freelancers, students... We are juniors and seniors... We are multiple, curious, passionate... We are a TEAM...

We strongly believe that everyone is unique and that while communication problems may drive a wedge between us, effective communication can unite us...


We work with a network of trusted partners.

Merci mon coach

Merci mon coach

Coach professionnel et formateur

Elodie vous accompagne dans le changement pour surmonter vos peurs et les obstacles.

Outils du manager

Outils du manager


Cédric , Alexia et Lorry animent le podcast en français qui vous aidera à devenir un meilleur manager.

Vecteur de croissance

Vecteur de croissance

Change maker et motivateur

Romain vous accompagne dans l'expression de votre potentiel et leadeship.



Centre de formation

Thierry et son équipe vous accompagnent dans les domaines du management et de l’organisation professionnelle.

Nouvelles Donnes

Nouvelles Donnes

Cabinet de conseil

40 consultants s'engagent pour améliorer la satisfaction clients, le bien-être et l'efficacité des équipes, et la performance financière.

They help us

Their precious aid helps us grow. Thanks to one and all.

Let's work

YouTube star

Jérémy’s fun videos help you understand and learn about the world of work.



The creator of the blog Mimika, who also illustrates comics and children’s books, provides P4 graphics and brings the site to life.

Le manager moderne


This group is for anybody who thinks yesterday’s management techniques need freshening up.



Creators and illustrators share high quality graphic resources here.


We are proud to count the following companies* among our users, just to mention a few.

(*) List based on user declarations.

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