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Our site has been designed to be practical and user-friendly. Its features were all requested by users.

Our objective is not to have the best looking site or make the most sales, but to satisfy our customers’ needs, which are our top priority. We develop the features they request. We constantly improve them to make them practical and simple to use.

It is our duty to provide tools, guides and documentation which are user-friendly and clear. Learning to use our tools does not lead to any certification since we would fall short of our aims if the need for certification overshadowed the rest. If it becomes necessary, we will work on improving and simplifying our tools and services. Please feel free to share your comments, proposals and requests with us: we will take them into account.


You are in control. You have access to all of the features on our site with no need for third party intervention.

At profil4.com, we believe you should be able to use our site directly, whenever and wherever you want. There is no need to go through an intermediary or an accredited distributor1 for your orders or to set up and manage a test session. This makes things faster, easier and cheaper. It also simplifies your administrative tasks.

Your autonomy means you can order tests to take yourself or to allocate to your co-workers; create groups and lists and send invitations as well as generating profiles, graphs, .pdf reports etc. Of course, any time you feel the need, we will be glad to advise and assist you.

On top of the graphs generated for individual and group profiles, various other media (images, memos etc.) can be downloaded for free from our site. You can then include them in your presentations.

(1) We do not offer certification as this does not correspond to our philosophy.

Rates and special deals

Find out more about our tailor-made, low-price deals.

You can order credits for DISCp4 tests directly on our site, according to your needs, without going through an intermediary. Nobody will add commission to our rates. You will thus pay a fair price. In addition, our rates are among the lowest1 on the market.

(1) Not to say THE lowest... to check out discounts, please visit our online store.

RGPD compliance

Nous accordons une très grande importance à la protection et au respect de vos données personnelles ainsi qu'à leur confidentialité.

Tous nos serveurs et bases de données sont hébergés en France sur le serveur sécurisés d'OVH. Vos données sont chiffrées (cryptées) et ne sont jamais vendues avec des tiers.

Consulter notre Politique de Confidentialité et de Protection des Données (RGPD) et notre Politique des cookies pour en savoir plus.


We are extremely careful to protect your data and your transactions.

Security is very important to profil4.com and we have invested time and resources on it. Every page of our site and all of our media are protected by a security system. The technology we have chosen is SSL encryption.

Our site and all of our media can only be viewed in HTTPS. Any attempt to view them in simple HTTP will be redirected to secure HTTPS access. To check that our site is secure, please note the padlock icon in the URL bar.

Our latest SSL Labs1 test obtained the excellent grade of A+, making us very proud.

Rapport SSL Labs

(1) The site ssllabs.com is a reference for web security. The security of profil4.com can be checked vérifiée here.

Free documentation and media

Our primary duty is to accompany you as you discover the DISCp4 model and how to use it.

For no charge1 our site makes available a great deal of information on the DISCp4 model and how to use it. Naturally, we present its four founding components, their interactions individually and in relation to the team, triggers for stress, opposites, tables of comparison etc. All of this documentation is updated regularly.

On top of this, our blog addresses the DISCp4 model and management generally speaking, from a less formal point of view, enhanced with client feedback.

We also provide free media such as memos or images (graphs, totems etc.) which you can use in your own documents.

(1) A point to note!


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