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We regret to inform you that the English version of the site will be paused from April 27, 2024.

Indeed, we are going to publish a new major version of profil4.com and we want to offer you high quality translations. This should take us about a quarter.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you absolutely need to administer DISC tests in English. We can direct you to the best alternative solution.

The entire p4 team apologizes for the inconvenience caused.

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Adjust your speech according to your interlocutors


Adapt actions and reactions to the environment and events


The team shares goals but differs in how to reach them


Encourage team members according to their needs and desires


Understand our similarities and differences to work together


Strengthen or diversify the strengths, weaknesses and orientations of the team


Propose the tasks to the right people at the right time according to the context


Demolish misunderstandings with the method adapted to each

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So what is this about?

Profil 4 allows companies and individuals to define and analyze behavioral and communication profiles. We help managers and their teams to communicate better thanks to our effective and innovative tools.

A unanimous conclusion

Everybody is unique and sees the world from their own particular perspective. We all communicate and behave in our own way.

As a result, we all make the same communication mistake: talking to others the way we would like them to talk to us. Whereas the ideal policy would be to talk to others the way they want us to.

The golden rule: adapting to your contacts

But first you have to know their profile! In a long-term relationship, this is relatively simple, as you’ve had time to get to know each other. In the short-term, it’s not so easy.

Good managers know how to adapt instinctively. Experts have drawn on their recommendations and their experience to identify different behavior and communication profiles, and this has led to the DISC model!

Profile identification with DISCp4

This evaluation tool is used to improve productivity, teamwork and communication. The model focuses on modes of communication and behavior.

It is NOT an IQ test. It does NOT measure intelligence, proficiency, mental health, personal values etc. DISCp4 profiles describe human behavior in different situations, for instance in response to stress, challenges, complex issues, crises, procedures etc.


Knowing your own profile and that of your co-workers is key for more efficient communication, both written and oral. It allows tasks and objectives to be allocated more effectively and helps identify needs and constraints etc. It also allows managers to choose the best team-members for each context.

When we understand the needs that motivate our own and others behavior, we have no enemies.

- Rosenberg, Marshall -


Do you recognize yourself among the following propositions? Does one of the columns in particular seem to match up with who you are? How is your DISCp4 composed? What are your totems?

Take a quick, free test to find out.


  • You enjoy challenges and live to take action.
  • Your opinion is crucial and you refuse to step down.
  • You speak more than you listen.


  • You never bore people; you love to entertain others.
  • You charm people into agreeing with you.
  • You like to be friendly.


  • You’re pretty understanding and don’t like to hurt others.
  • I listen to all the advice to avoid conflicts.
  • You listen more than you speak.


  • You’re cautious and don’t trust people easily.
  • You’re cooperative as long as everyone sticks to the rules.
  • I appreciate when people are accurate.

Coaching and training courses

We believe training is highly important.

Please check out our new brochure to find out more about the courses and rates we offer.


Mieux communiquer avec l'outil DISC

  • Groupe
  • 1 jour
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Communication avancée

Faire évoluer sa communication grâce au DISC et à l'assertivité

  • Groupe
  • 2 jours
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Intelligence émotionnelle

Développer son intelligence émotionnelle

  • Groupe
  • 1 jour
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Manager essentiel

Devenir, pas à pas, un manager privilégiant l'essentiel

  • Form' action
  • 12 semaines
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The programs we offer are systematically adapted to the needs and expectations of each group. Contact us to organize a session (adapted to your needs and availabilities) on-site at your company.

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