DISC profiles are arranged on the wheel in such a manner that two adjacent profiles share a certain number of characteristics, whereas profiles opposite each other are diametrically different.

DISC Dominant-Stable opposites

Communication between Dominants and Stable profiles is complex and dangerous. Dominants speak loudly, with no breaks. They risk crushing Stable profiles, who will let them without speaking up. Dominants then believe they have won, interpreting their silence as agreement and a sign they are right (Dominants don’t realize that when they win, somebody else loses). In the meantime, Stable profiles experience Dominants’ words as a verbal attack. They get defensive and become withdrawn. Hiding their unease like this gives Dominants the impression that everything is fine.

In contrast, when a Stable profile talks to a Dominant, they speak slowly. They pause in conversation without necessarily having finished, which Dominants can’t stand. We often advise the latter to count until five before they speak again to be sure they don’t cut anybody off. In addition, Stable profiles talk about emotions and feelings. They make sure that decisions suit people, which is not habitually the case for Dominants.

Opposition DISC Dominant-Stable

DISC Influential-Conscientious opposites

The relationship between Influential and Conscientious profiles is different. These two profiles openly hate each other, without serious consequences.

Conscientious profiles think of Influentials as smooth talkers, big spenders, pretentious etc. Whereas Influentials see Conscientious profiles as straight-laced types who can’t work in a team, who never speak etc. They are on different wavelengths, but this is no cause for concern.


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