Each DISCp4 profile has their own particular view of themself, the group, their place in the group and their interactions with it.

Red profiles (D) are conquerors. They are always on the move. They like taking charge, quickly and effectively. They come straight to the point. They often act brutal.

In a group: it feels natural to them to try and get the upper hand, not always successfully. They see themselves as group leaders.

Yellow profiles (I) are typically good mates. They are eloquent idealists. They get enthusiastic about new things and know how to pass this along to their co-workers.

In a group: they associate with every member of their teams and know plenty of details and anecdotes about them. They enjoy being the center of attention. They see themselves as the focus of the group, right in the middle. They make good salespeople.

Green profiles (S) put others first. They are caring and calm and they strive to create a harmonious and trusting atmosphere.

In a group: they see themselves as just another group member, which doesn’t stop them respecting the hierarchy. They don’t try to stand out and prefer to remain discreet. It’s important not to be aggressive with their group, as this can provoke a disproportionate reaction.

Blue profiles (C) are orderly, logical and methodical. They can seem cold and are not great communicators. They prefer to work alone, in their own way.

In a group, they respect social conventions but do not feel like they belong. They are not attracted to teamwork and make no effort to join in.


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