This document illustrates how you can set up an account on our site for free.

Elodie Valdora* is a freelance graphic designer. She has heard about from a friend and wants to set up an account (i.e. register) for free on our site. The process is relatively straightforward.

(*) names, companies and dates are fictitious and used by way of illustration only.



To start with, Elodie must click on the new account link (above right).


She will be taken to a page which will request a few details:

  • Her first name;
  • Her last name;
  • Her e-mail address;
  • Her e-mail address again in case of error;
  • Her gender, male or female;
  • Her country;
  • Her year of her birth;
  • Her job;
  • Her company;
  • If she wants to sign up for our newsletter.

She will also have to check the box next to "captcha", allowing us to check that she’s a real person, and accept our general conditions of use.

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After clicking on the "registration" button, Elodie will be taken to a page which confirms her account has been set up and that her password has been sent to her by e-mail.

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Elodie thus receives a welcome e-mail which tells her what her password is. She can copy it or click directly on the "log in" button within the message.

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Initial connection

To log in, Elodie must click on the connection link (top right). She will be sent to a page which asks for her e-mail (which serves as her log-in) and the password she has received by e-mail.

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Once she has logged in, Elodie can see her name on screen. The log in and new account links will have been replaced by a log out link (top right).

For security reasons, it’s important for Elodie to choose a new password immediately. To do so, she can use the "Change my password" menu.

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Elodie must indicate:

  • Her old password, for verification;
  • Her new password;
  • Her new password again in case of error.

The new password must contain at least 8 characters. We recommend including both upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.

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A page confirms that the change of password has been taken into account.

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